Melonflesh Monument 3 (Gdansk Version) 2015,  process-installation, Galeria Miejska Gdansk



Melonflesh Monument 3 (Gdansk Version) 2015, process installation – site specific, mixed media (video, acrylics, uv- print, wood, graphite, led, neon), about 400x 600x 400cm, Galeria Miejska Gdansk

top: total view installation, bottom: installation view entrance




Lukas Hofer’s Melonflesh Monument is an installation featuring a fragile, yet usable tower made from parts taken from previous works along with newly fabricated elements. Inside the construction, made of diverse and contradictory elements, different visual identities fight for dominance and attention. In form it is similar to the Tower of Babel, a structure that was doomed to failure as a result of conflicting identities and lexical confusion. In Melonflesh Monument, there is a state of schism caused by the antagonistic tension between the individual elements. Hofer’s installation is a “conflicted construction” which is constantly “under construction”.  It seems it remains an always-unfinished model for a type of unstable reality. ..



The first version of Melonflesh Monument was created at Matadero Madrid for “ Who makes Europe” Reflections on European Identity, curated by Susanne Hinrichs . The context of this project is the 50th anniversary of the Franco-German Treaty of Friendship – the Élysée Treaty, and has been supported by the Ministries of Foreign Relations from both countries. Represented by their embassies in Madrid, as well as by the European Commission. Now, Melonflesh Monument is traveling and on show in different versions throughout Europe.



top: lad – legs – Bruegel, bottom: installation view gantry tree detail